Should I Visit a Denture Clinic or Dentist?

Should I Visit a Denture Clinic or Dentist?

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Maintaining regular visits to your dental health professional to look after your teeth and oral health is essential. But sometimes, you may wonder which professional to see. If you wear dentures or think you may need them, a denture clinic is usually your best choice. At a denture clinic, creating dentures is what we do all day long.

In this article, we’ll explain the role of various dental professionals – and how a denture clinic is often the best choice for denture wearers.

Understanding denture clinics

As the name suggests, a denture clinic is dedicated to the art and science of creating and fitting dentures – and custom mouthguards. At a denture clinic, you’ll find the following dental professionals:

  • A dental prosthetist – This dental professional works directly with the patients and designs, creates and constructs custom dentures every day. Specifically, they work independently in the assessment, treatment, management and provision of dentures and custom-fitted mouthguards. Dental prosthetists are registered nationally with the Dental Board of Australia. This is the same board that registers dentists, dental therapist, hygienists, oral health therapists and other dental specialists. They first have to qualify as a dental technician and spend some time in the field before applying to further their studies to become dental prosthetists.
  • A dental technician – This person works in the dental laboratory under the instruction of a dental clinician to construct/manufacture custom made dental appliances under supervision in a dental laboratory.
“When you put yourself in the care of a dental prosthetist, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re being looked after by a health professional with the most comprehensive knowledge of advanced techniques, new materials and the latest world trends in the field of denture prosthetics.”
Dentist showing a denture to a patient

When to visit a denture clinic

If you need or have a concern regarding dentures (or a sports mouthguard), a denture clinic is the place to go. At a denture clinic, dental prosthetists focus solely on dentures and custom mouthguards, day in, day out. Consequently, they have the most focused and detailed knowledge in this area.

For example, at Dentures Direct Townsville, we have extensive knowledge of the most advanced, up-to-date techniques and leading international trends. We know which materials are most suitable for each patient, along with the preferred techniques to use. Therefore, you should visit a denture clinic if you need:

  • Dentures for the very first time
  • Immediate dentures
  • New dentures after wearing out your old dentures
  • A denture repair
  • A denture reline
  • A custom fit sports mouthguard

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You can visit a dentist for any of the above, but dentures and mouthguards are not their sole focus. Further, they will need to outsource the work to a dental laboratory to design and manufacture the prosthetic device. Whereas most denture clinics have a well-equipped denture laboratory on-site, and each case is arranged by the prosthetist self.

Referring out work takes more time, and having the ‘man in the middle’ increases the cost! What’s more, there’s always a chance of communication breakdowns between the dentist and the dental laboratory.

Alternatively, when you see a dental prosthetist, they can personally examine you and provide expert advice on the type of denture you need. Likewise, if you need a denture repair or reline, a dental prosthetist is the person for the job, so once again, a visit to a denture clinic would be your best option.

Finally, a good denture clinic usually has a solid, communicative relationship with a nearby dentist. And they can work in tandem. This is especially the case if you require dental any dental treatment like extractions, restorations or implants.

Understanding dental clinics

Let’s be clear: everyone needs a good dentist – and regular dental examinations and scale and cleans!

You also require a dentist for general dental procedures such as (but not limited to):

  • Tooth extractions (including wisdom tooth extractions)
  • Dental crowns
  • Tooth fillings
  • Cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers
  • Dental implant placement
  • Dental bridges
  • Root canal therapy

dentist treating patient

At a dental clinic, you are likely to find the following dental professionals:

A dentist – A highly qualified professional who has successfully undergone five years of professional study. Dentists can diagnose and treat diverse oral health issues (anything involving the mouth, teeth, jaws and gums). They also offer preventative dental advice to help individuals keep their teeth healthy for longer. As with dental prosthetists, dentists are registered nationally with the Dental Board of Australia.

A dental hygienist – A health professional qualified to work alongside a dentist. Primarily, their work is to help prevent dental disease and promote good oral health amongst patients.

A dental assistant – A health professional who is part of the dental team. Dental assistants prepare for patients, clean up afterwards and assist the dental professional at work.

A dental therapist – A health professional who is involved in treating dental diseases in children and adolescents. Dental therapists also educate children on the benefits of good oral health and create awareness of this issue in the community.


Both denture and dental clinics serve essential but completely different roles in the community. Both dental prosthetists (who work in a denture clinic) and dentists (who work in a dental clinic) are skilled, qualified professionals – but with skills in different areas. Neither one can replace the other.

  • Visit a dental clinic – if you need a dental checkup, have a toothache or any concerns with your oral health
  • Visit a denture clinic – if you require anything to do with dentures or a new sports mouthguard.


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