Denture Repairs & Relines

Same Day Denture Repairs in Townsville

Have you chipped, broken or damaged your denture?

Kevin Smith Dental ProsthetistIf so, bring your denture in to us immediately so our prosthetist can evaluate the damage. We can usually perform most repairs on the same day. Just drop off your denture to us in the morning, and we will normally have it ready in the early afternoon.


N.B.: We advise those with metal dentures to make prior arrangement as these dentures might have to be welded in the metal laboratory.


Accidents happen. And even though our dentures are made of the strongest materials available, sometimes an unpredictable knock or fall can damage your denture. Often, dentures are broken or chipped if they are accidentally dropped onto any hard surface.


WARNING: If you have broken or damaged your denture, do not try to repair the denture on your own. Home repairs typically damage the denture further, resulting in a more costly and time-consuming repair or even necessitating a new denture. If dentures aren’t fixed correctly, then these repairs can often lead to developing mouth ulcers or sores!

This content has been scientifically reviewed and fact checked by Mr Jacob Burger, qualified Dental Prosthetist & owner of Dentures Direct.


If your dentures are feeling uncomfortable or loose, it could be time for a denture reline.


Over time,  our gums change shape (for various reasons); however, bone resorption is the most common reason.


A denture reline is a simple procedure performed by your dental prosthetist to reshape the fitting side of your denture to adhere snugly to the gums. A completely new layer of acrylic is added to the fitting side of the denture to provide this.


Relines are necessary for both partial dentures and full or complete dentures.

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