Full Dentures

Full Conventional Dentures


If you’re missing all of your teeth in your upper or lower jaw or even both, your dental prosthetist may recommend full dentures. These dentures are designed to restore the look and function as closely as possible to your natural teeth and surrounding tissue, and help you perform everyday activities like eating, talking and smiling.

At Dentures Direct, your prosthetist will try to replicate your denture as close as possible to your original teeth, even by trying to match your teeth shape and colour – and also the gum – to its natural appearance.

Our full dentures are made of high-quality acrylic. We use a variety of top-end crosslinked acrylic denture teeth, depending on every individual case. ;

Full dentures are easily removable and easy to clean, providing you with a comfortable, functional solution.

We also offer full implant supported overdentures for an even superior option. These dentures can be made of either porcelain or acrylic.

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