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If you’re missing all of your teeth in your upper or lower jaw or even both, your dental prosthetist may recommend full dentures (previously referred to as ‘false teeth’). These dentures are designed to restore the look and function as closely as possible to your natural teeth and surrounding tissue, and help you perform everyday activities like eating, talking and smiling.


At Dentures Direct Townsville, your prosthetist will try to replicate your denture as close as possible to your original teeth, even by trying to match your teeth shape and colour – and also the gum – to its natural appearance.


Our full dentures are made of high-quality acrylic. We use a variety of top-end crosslinked acrylic denture teeth, depending on every individual case.


Full dentures are easily removable and easy to clean, providing you with a comfortable, functional solution.


We also offer full implant supported overdentures for an even superior option. These dentures can be made of either porcelain or acrylic.

Getting dentures can be a life-changing decision that allows you to regain control of what you can eat and how much food you can enjoy. With the ability to create dentures that blend naturally into your gums for an invisible appearance, you can now return to a lifestyle of food luxury, eating all your favourite things.



Are full dentures uncomfortable?


You can rest assured that full dentures are designed with your comfort in mind and have been perfectly honed to make sure they feel as natural as possible. New technology and designs mean that full dentures can sit firmly in your mouth and allow you to eat without any discomfort. They typically use suction to stay in place and many find that full dentures are even more comfortable than partial dentures and allow you to eat much more easily.



Will dentures change what I can eat?


When you first have your dentures put in, you will need to be more careful about what you eat. For example, sticking to liquids and softer food like soup is a good idea at least for a few days after having your dentures fitted. Once your dentures are firmly in place, however, you can comfortably enjoy most foods again. Of course, there is a risk of damage or slipping if you eat any particularly hard foods like popcorn kernels or especially chewy foods like toffee so it might be best to avoid these where possible.

However, full dentures should allow you to eat much more comfortably and can usually be used to eat almost anything that natural teeth can.



How to care for dentures


When you get your full dentures, you should be aware that you need to remove them for around six to eight hours each day in order to allow your gums some time to relax. This is why the majority of people choose to remove their dentures at night while they are asleep.

When you remove your dentures, you should make sure to thoroughly clean them and always leave them submerged in a glass of water while they aren’t being worn. It may not seem bad to leave your dentures in overnight, but it can cause issues in the long term such as bacteria buildup, so it is important to follow the recommendations given to you when you get your dentures. Taking them out ensures you maintain stronger bones and healthy gums for as long as possible so it is definitely worth doing!



How long do dentures last?


If you take care of your dentures properly, they should be able to last for a very long time – anywhere from five to ten years. You are more likely to need them replaced due to your gum or jawbone naturally shrinking over time. This will mean that your dentures no longer fit correctly and you may need to get a new set to make sure they stay firmly in place and continue to offer you a comfortable experience.


How long does it take to get used to wearing full dentures?

It can take some time to get used to wearing full dentures, as they are a foreign object in the mouth and can feel uncomfortable or awkward at first. It is common for wearers to experience some difficulty speaking and eating initially, but these issues generally resolve within a few weeks as the muscles in the mouth and tongue adjust to the presence of the dentures.

Can I sleep with full dentures in?

It is generally not recommended to sleep with full dentures in, as it can put unnecessary strain on the gums and may cause them to become irritated or sore. It is best to remove your dentures before going to bed and soak them in a cleaning solution overnight.

Can I wear full dentures if I have some natural teeth remaining?

If you have some natural teeth remaining, it is generally not recommended to wear full dentures. Instead, your dental prosthetist may recommend partial dentures, which are designed to replace only some of the missing teeth in an arch.

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