Denture Relines: the Affordable Procedure That Makes Wearing Your Denture More Comfortable for Longer.

Denture Relines: the Affordable Procedure That Makes Wearing Your Denture More Comfortable for Longer.

Partial Dentures

You may be surprised to know that a denture reline is an integral part of owning a denture – especially if you want to get the most wear from it – and feel the most comfortable.

Whether you have a partial or full denture, you need to have regular appointments with your dental prosthetist to ensure that your denture is fitting correctly.

Much like the rest of our bodies, our mouths don’t stay the same. Over time, our mouths, soft tissues and bony structure (jawbone) change shape. This change can be due to weight change, ageing, normal wear and tear – and even what’s happening with our health. In particular, when missing some or all our natural teeth, our jawbone no longer receives the stimulation through biting and chewing. And this lack of stimulation (stimulations and stress keep bone tissue strong) can increase bone loss.

Resultantly, all these changes mean that your denture that fitted perfectly, six, 12 or 24 months ago, may no longer feel so snug and unnoticeable now. Perhaps it’s beginning to click a little as you talk, or it’s more difficult to speak as your denture no longer feels secure. Your denture may even dislodge when you laugh or cough. Perhaps you’re feeling some irritation or rubbing –  or maybe developing sores on your gums. These are all signs that it’s time for you to return to your denture clinic for a denture reline.

Although denture relines play an essential part in the life of your denture, we must remember that dentures don’t last forever. Typically, a denture lasts between 4 to 7 years. Then eventually, your denture must be replaced

What is a denture reline?

A denture reline is a simple, cost-effective procedure where the prosthetist reshapes the underside of your denture to make it fit better and feel more comfortable while resting against your gums. Relines can be either “hard” or “soft”.

Hard relines

For those with full dentures, we recommend a reline approximately every two years. A hard denture reline will help to maintain the close, comfortable fit and avoid the need for a complete refit, so it’s a reassuringly cost-effective exercise.

With a hard reline, we ‘reline’ your denture with a pliable material, then place it in your mouth to create an impression. This impression determines where we need to make the adjustments. We then replace your denture with highly durable acrylic, which allows your denture to have a closer fit.

Soft reline

If you have tender gums or your mouth is quite sensitive, you may have developed sore spots or discomfort, particularly when eating. A soft reline allows your gums and mouth a chance to heal while adjusting to your dentures. We’ll apply a soft, rubbery or waxy material that can last up to a couple of years to cushion your gums.

How long does a reline take?

Dental Prosthetist - Jacobus Burger - TownsvilleFortunately, a denture reline is a quick process; you can even have it done on the day. Often, our prosthetist will see a patient early in the day to take the impression; then we’ll reserve a late-afternoon appointment for you to have a quick fitting before returning home with your newly relined denture.

Why should I bother having a denture reline?

As we’ve mentioned, a denture reline is a relatively affordable procedure. It will allow you to wear your existing denture for longer, without having to purchase a brand-new one. A reline will also make living with and wearing your denture a far more comfortable experience, as a newly relined denture will fit far better, be more comfortable and less noticeable.

How much does a denture reline cost?

Depending on the materials used, and the type of denture you have, a denture reline can be anywhere between $300-$500. For a more exact quote, please phone our clinic or come in and see us for an appointment. We can discuss pricing options with you before we proceed.

Can I claim my private health insurance with my reline?

If you have private health insurance, depending on your fund and level of cover, you will be able to claim your private health insurance and get some money back. When you’re at our clinic, we can give you an itemised quote, then run your health insurance card through our HICAPS machine to determine the exact amount of rebate you’ll receive.

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