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Custom Sports Mouthguards You Can Trust

Experience the freedom and protection of a custom sports mouth guard. Breathe easily, talk freely – and enjoy the confidence to play like a pro!

Custom mouthguards are essential for any individual playing contact sports, whether it’s football, AFL, soccer, MMA, hockey, rugby league, rugby union, or water polo. High-quality custom mouthguards are far superior to commercial ‘boil and bite’ products sold commercially.

Custom mouthguards for sports offer:


  • Accurate, superior custom fit for unparalleled protection
  • Prevention of dental trauma
  • Easy breathing and talking
  • A variety of strengths (layers) available, depending on the level of protection required by your sport

Due to their efficacy, custom sports mouthguards also boast the following:


  • Recommendation by Sports Medicine Australia
  • Recommendation by the ADA
  • Attractive private health insurance rebates


Your child’s (or teen’s) teeth are supremely important.

Children that play contact sports are at risk of serious damage to their teeth if not wearing a fitted custom sports mouthguard made by a dental prosthetist.

Once teeth are lost, they’re gone forever – a tragic occurrence for any young person.


“Your children’s teeth are precious. As parents, it’s imperative that you take every precaution to look after them…”

Child wearing Custom-fitted Sports Mouthguard


We stock a wide variety of colours for your mouthguard, including most local sports club colours for basketball, AFL, NRL and Rugby Union. Plus, we can also make other custom colour schemes on demand.


Depending on your private health insurance and your level of cover, you may receive a rebate for your custom mouthguard.


Don’t be swayed into a false sense of security by purchasing a ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard. These attractively priced, over-the-counter mouthguards sold in pharmacies, sports shops and online are not recommended. As they offer very little protection, no clinical trials prove their efficacy.


The only attractive feature of a ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard is the price point, but given that the product provides little benefit, this is resultantly a wasted purchase.

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