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This content has been scientifically reviewed and fact checked by Mr Jacob Burger, qualified Dental Prosthetist & owner of Dentures Direct.

Eat, talk & live well again with quality dentures

Quality dentures make all the difference. At Dentures Direct Townsville in QLD, we aim to deliver the highest possible standards and provide a personalised denture service to each of our patients.

As dental prosthetists, we specialise in creating dentures – in fact, it’s all we do. And with our comprehensive knowledge and skills, we have the expertise to handle even the most difficult cases, so you’ll always be given the best possible outcome.


When you’re in the hands of a professional dental prosthetist, we don’t just create great dentures; we also provide you with ongoing care.

Dentures don’t last forever: most people need a new pair every five to seven years. This is because our jawbone and gum slowly change over time.  Once your teeth have been removed from your jawbone, the bone slowly dissolves (resorbs). Therefore, over time, a denture that once fitted snugly against your gums will no longer do so, as your gums will slowly change shape. To keep your dentures fitting well – and suctioning against the gums – visit your Townsville dental prosthetist annually so necessary adjustments can be made for a perfect fit.


Complete or full dentures are recommended when all teeth in the upper or lower jaw are missing. We offer a variety of materials and price ranges to suit most budgets.

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If you have some teeth missing, in either your upper or lower jaw, partial dentures are often recommended.


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Revolutionising the world of dentures, implant supported overdentures provide excellent stability and comfort for the denture wearer.

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Immediate dentures are different from normal dentures in that they are made before having your teeth extracted. They could be partial or full dentures.

These dentures are made by your dental prosthetist in conjunction with the dental professional (dentist or dental surgeon) that will perform the tooth extraction.

The dentures are inserted into the mouth immediately (that’s why they’re called immediate dentures) after the teeth are extracted by the dental surgeon or dentist.

These dentures have various advantages:

  • The patient is never left for a period without having teeth (gummy)
  • The denture acts like a plaster over the extraction points and protects the wounds
  • The denture helps with blood clotting and shaping of the gum

The main disadvantage of immediate dentures is that after the extractions, there will be several adjustments needed and as the mouth heals and bone resorbs, the denture will become loose. In approximately three months after the extractions, these dentures will usually have to be relined to ensure good fit and comfort.

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Dental prosthetists are qualified dental practitioners that specialize in the design, manufacturing and fitting of dentures and certain removable dental appliances. A practicing dental prosthetist must first have to become qualified as a dental technician. Then, after practising as a registered qualified dental technician for several years, further extensive training in anatomy, denture construction techniques, dental materials, design and patient care is required before they can be registered with the Australian Dental Board. Once registered, a Dental Prosthetist may consult with patients directly.

When you put yourself in the care of a dental prosthetist to you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re being looked after by a health professional with the most comprehensive knowledge and advanced techniques, new materials and the latest world trends in the field of denture prosthetics.
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