Implant-Retained Overdentures

Implant-Retained Overdentures

10 Ways Implant-Retained Overdentures Can Improve Your Life!


Single Dental Implant

Only those who have lost their teeth know how important they are. Without teeth, life is much harder – and the most basic of tasks can sometimes be impossible. Implant-retained overdentures are a wonderful solution for those missing several or all their teeth. Dentures are secured to the implants, providing you with maximum stability. Here are 10 reasons why life gets better with dental implants.

  1. Improved speech – enjoy speaking more clearly and easily. Improved speech gives many patients an enormous boost in confidence – and better quality of life.
  2. An end to pain – Despite some assuming that the dental implants procedure might be painful, actual patient reports tell a different story. Not only do many patients report that the implant procedure was a relatively minor event, but many have commented on the relief they now feel that often as they no longer suffering the endless misery of toothache.
  3.  Regulate lost jaw mobility – Sometimes, patients with missing teeth find certain chewing actions difficult. Implant-supported dentures enable you to return to biting and chewing activities and enjoy a much more normal range of movement in your jaw.
  4. Improved facial appearance – Implant-retained overdentures have two aesthetic benefits. First, the dentures push out the tissues around the cheek and lips, as natural teeth would do, giving a much healthier appearance than the gaunt, prematurely aged look of those without teeth. Secondly, as the dental implants sit in the jawbone, they keep the bone tissue strong through the stimulating everyday actions of biting and chewing. When there is no (natural) tooth root or (artificial) implant in the jawbone, there is nothing to keep the bone stimulated, leaving the bone to disintegrate or resorb.
  5. Greater confidence in your teeth – Many patients that have received dental implants and implant retained overdentures have claimed that their teeth were “good as new” with no complaints about instability, chipping or breakages. Prosthetic devices these days are incredibly strong. Plus, as they are secured firmly to the implants, the patient can enjoy biting and chewing properly once again.
  6.  Enjoy more food and greater health – Eating a variety of healthy foods is essential for all of us. However, for those with missing teeth, eating can be a serious problem, with many individuals missing out on important nutrients. Implant-retained overdentures allow you to eat a wider variety of food and receive greater nutrition and improved health. Quality of life also improves through enjoying one of our basic human needs – eating.
  7.  Freedom from embarrassment – Some people have had accidents or illnesses that have left them with several missing teeth. Consequently, they’ve suffered much embarrassment when they talk or smile in public. Implant-retained overdentures can vastly improve confidence by giving back a more natural looking smile.
  8. No more cavities – Artificial teeth will not rot, and as the root (implant) is made from titanium, there is no chance of bacterial infection. However, you still have to exercise good oral hygiene to keep your gums and mouth healthy.
  9. No more annoying clasps – Implant-retained dentures are attached to the abutment of the implants, so you no longer have to put up with irritating clasps catching on to food and being visible around the teeth.
  10.  No more denture adhesives – Dental implants ensures that the dentures will be stable and secure, so no further need to use sticky denture adhesives that might need reapplication throughout the day.

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