Emergency Denture Repairs: What to Do

Emergency Denture Repairs: What to Do

Emergency denture repairsAccidents happen. That’s part of life’s charm. But while we can’t predict the next minor crisis in our lives, we can try to be prepared to deal with (some of) them!


If your dentures accidentally break, chip or damage in any way, call our clinic and talk to us; we can always book an emergency denture repair appointment for you. And, in case you’re wondering what you should do, here are some of the most common mishaps we see, along with some handy tips.

Broken denture clasp

The clasp is what holds the denture in place, providing it with the necessary retention and stability. Therefore, if your clasp is broken it usually becomes unwearable. If this happens, bring your denture in immediately so we can add a new clasp to your existing denture.

Occasionally, your clasp may be broken, but you may feel like you can get by. Adequate support from other teeth allows it to stay in place. However, this is not always ideal as it can change the shape of the denture, and put unnecessary pressure on the remaining teeth.



Broken denture

Sometimes acrylic dentures, either full or partial, can fracture. Usually, this happens when the denture falls through slippery fingers down onto the hard bathroom floor! This is why we always recommend you remove your dentures over a soft towel.

Dentures can also break if they have been poorly made and don’t fit correctly in your mouth. Sometimes, an ill-fitting denture that has not been recently relined may break as it has fitted poorly in your mouth, making it prone to breakages. Providing the denture is still a good fit for your mouth, we can usually repair a broken denture.

Tooth fractured or fallen out

Now and then, a tooth can fall off the denture. This usually only occurs under extreme force, such as enthusiastically biting into a hard object. If possible, hang onto the tooth that’s fallen out and bring it into the clinic, along with your denture, so we can attempt to reattach the tooth. But if your tooth has disappeared without a trace, don’t despair – we can fashion another tooth for you in the same shape, colour and mould of your other teeth.

Uncomfortable dentures (requiring relines)

Full Conventional DenturesSometimes, you may be experiencing acute pain from your dentures through a poor fit. Dentures need to be relined regularly to accommodate the changing shape of your jaw bone (resorption) and gums. This situation may not feel like an “emergency”,  but it is important to address the situation as soon as possible as minor sores or discomfort can rapidly turn into a chronic problem.

Book an appointment with our clinic for a denture reline. A reline involves adapting the surface of the denture to fit your gumline more accurately.

You will know you need a denture reline when you feel there is food getting in between your denture and your gums, or you start to feel your denture dropping when you eat or talk.

Emergency Denture RepairsEmergency denture repairs

If you’ve had an emergency breakage or are suddenly experiencing discomfort with your dentures, call Dentures Direct in Townsville immediately. We know how important your teeth are and can help remedy your problem on the same day.

Book an appointment – or call today! T: (07) 4723 1366

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